About Us

Our Story

At Otatara Preschool we value the partnership between teachers, families/whānau, the children and the community. We will ensure that family/whānau will be involved and respected throughout their child’s learning journey.

The children and staff here at Otatara Preschool all share friendship and a sense of humour.

Our Philosophy

We provide an inclusive learning environment where children develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes through their play and active exploration. The environment that we provide will be warm, friendly, inviting and one that will  encourage them to take risks in their learning. The children will feel secure, happy and empowered as confident and competent lifelong learners.

We promote a commitment to bi-culturalism and cultural diversity and at all times show a responsibility and commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. 

Through the development of our relationships with the children they will be encouraged to be respectful, thoughtful and understanding towards each other and their natural environment. Each child will be affirmed as an individual as they develop their physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills.

Our Aims